Positions for Postdoctoral fellows

We apply cutting edge tools, such as multichannel electrophysiology, two photon imaging, optogenetics and quantitative behavior to study the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive functions such as working memory. We are particularly interested in the neural mechanism that generates and maintains persistent neural firing which is a neural correlate of working memory.

Motivated Postdoc candidates with strong background in Engineering, Physics, or Neuroscience are encouraged to apply. Competitive salary and benefit will be provided. If you are interested, please send your curriculum vitae as well as three reference letters to [email protected].

Positions for Research assistants

We are looking for research assistants with background in neuroscience, molecular/cellular/chemical biology. The main duty includes but not limited to the following, lab managing, maintaining mouse lines, tissue clearing, animal training.

Positions for Graduate students

For those who are interested in neural circuits and behavior, you are encouraged to join the lab for rotation. Students with background in quantitative analysis, optics, engineering are welcome. Potential practices include: (1) surgery to prepare mouse for behavior training, (2) mouse behavior training, and (3) brain clearing and imaging.

Positions for Undergraduate students

We welcome talented undergraduate students for dissertation.