2022-08-16, Dr. Yin’s work is published on Cell Reports.

2022-05-24, three Ph.D. defences in a row.

Congratulations to Dr. Yan Huo, Dr. Yingjun Tang and Dr. Yu Wang!

2022-04-06, Dr. Lu’s work is published on Molecular Psychiatry.

2021-12-16, our lab’s first preprint on bioRxiv!

2021-10-01, dual neuroanatomical tour de force.

2021-08-31, Yu Wang and Xinxin’s paper is online in Neuron!

2021-05-28, two Ph.D. degrees from the lab.

Congratulations to Dr. Xinxin Yin and Dr. Zhangzhang Zhou!

2021-04-18, a day trip to Olympic Forest Park with Prof. Mu Zhou’s lab and Prof. Kun Li’s Lab.

2020-07-22, Yan Huo and Han Chen’s paper is online in Neuron!

“Mapping Functional Connectivity from the Dorsal Cortex to the Thalamus”

2020-07-20, Han Chen successfully defend his doctoral thesis. The first Ph.D. from the lab. Congratulations!

2020-05-25, Tianyi graduated with a MSc. , congratulations!

2017-Autumn, hiking in Jiufeng National Forest Park.